Active manhunt underway for man who stole two cars, killed security guard in Harvey

HARVEY (FOX 32 Chicago) - An active manhunt was underway Saturday night in the Harvey area for a man who stole two cars and killed a security guard.

Around 7 p.m., the man stole a vehicle in Harvey. The vehicle's owner saw him take off, and she got into a second car to follow him.

The car owner also called police, who started following the suspect as well.

The suspect slammed the first stolen car into a viaduct at 159th and Park in Harvey, and then ran up on to the train tracks.

The suspect came upon a security guard working at the Canadian National Railyard, and shot him in the stomach. The guard was rushed to the hospital in serious condition and died a short time later.

The suspect took the security guard's car but quickly abandoned it at 171st and Park in Hazel Crest. As of 10:15 p.m. Saturday, the suspect was still on the loose. Multiple police agencies are looking for him.