Adrian Grenier talks new Netflix limited series 'Clickbait'

Prepare for your next Netflix obsession.

The new limited series "Clickbait" tells the story of a kidnapped man who appears in an internet video holding a sign which says he’ll be killed if the video reaches five million views

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with the star of the series, Adrian Grenier, about how long it would actually take for that video to reach the deadly milestone – and what that says about society.


"It’s sort of one of those things that’s inevitable," Grenier said. "The point is this is just a game and you’re going to click. And a lot of people have autoplay on their browers, so even if you didn’t wanted to play it, you’re clicking.

"So I think that’s really at the heart of this story – this is a train that has left the station."

"Clickbait" is now streaming on Netflix.