Ads designed to scare voters about Illinois SAFE-T Act backfired: analysts

Analysts say attack ads designed to scare voters about the SAFE-T Act somewhat backfired in Tuesday's election.

Many Democratic state senators supporting the act won their contests.

They say their mission now is to continue to provide people with reassuring information about the SAFE-T Act, which they say is far more reaching than just ending cash bond in Illinois.


"It's providing, which I think is a really important piece, trained professional support for them when they are dealing with calls related to mental health or domestic violence issues.  That helps them address some of the things that we've been forcing police officers to act in the role of mental health professionals for way too long, and we need to get them that support and the SAFE-T Act does that," said Sen. Gillispe.

Gillispe also said the act provides extra funding for officer training and safety equipment.

It takes effect New Year's Day.