After Chicago crowdfunding campaign falls flat, donors wonder what happened to their money

FOX 32 NEWS - A Chicago filmmaker who raised thousands of dollars through crowdfunding donations says the movie he promised will never be made.

Some donors are now questioning just how the money was spent.

Two years ago, Chicago based FND Films used the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise $77,000 for a new movie titled, ‘It's All Good.’ However, it's not all good anymore.

Last week, FND's President Aaron Fronk announced the movie will never be made.

“Due to complications and things beyond our control, the movie can no longer be completed,” Fronk said.

Crowdfunding donors like Del Feltz, who had been promised everything from movie posters to having a role in the film, were disappointed.

“I just thought these guys were cool, and turns out they weren’t,” Feltz said.

For some donors, disappointment turned to anger when they found online photos of FND's executives vacationing or lounging poolside at upscale clubs.

On Thursday, Fronk told FOX 32 that none of the crowdfunding dollars were diverted toward anyone's personal expenses.

“We can promise that everything that was donated to us went into our best efforts to make the film,” Fronk said.

Fronk says the dollars went toward equipment, rentals and locations, and that the money was expensed with only ten percent of the movie complete.

“You know you hear these stories of Indy films, like being made for ten grand, going on to make thirty million, and so to us, that was like the Holy Grail. That is winning the lottery, but that is not what happened with us,” Fronk said.

Attorney Anthony Zeoli says if the money went toward the failed movie, there's no crime and nothing is owed to the donors.

“It's more of the donator beware scenario, where you have to understand that you're really donating money to this kind of enterprise and it definitely could fail,” Zeoli said.

Fronk says he can't make any promises right now to those who supported his film, but they may be hearing from him in the near future.

A spokesperson for Indiegogo told FOX 32 it’s unusual for one of their projects to fall through, and refunds are not available through Indiegogo after a crowdfunding campaign has closed.