Air taxis that will take you to O'Hare Airport coming to Chicago

It’s the future of travel.

United Airlines and Archer Aviation say air taxis will arrive at O’Hare Airport in the next two years.

Imagine leaving the city and being at O’Hare in ten minutes. Right now, driving from the Near West Side to O’Hare would take you about an hour.

Archer Aviation and United are partnering to get you to the airport faster, avoiding all traffic and construction.

Fully electric planes will take off from Vertiport and land at O’Hare. A spokesperson says these new planes are not commercially flying anywhere yet but will be safe, sustainable, affordable, and quiet.


It will cost you the same as an Uber X from downtown Chicago to O’Hare: $100 to $150.

But don't get too excited. This isn't happening until 2025.

"It's a vertical lifting vehicle that flies about 150 miles an hour. It's a one pilot, four passenger vehicle and does very quick 20 to 40-minute trips. And then it takes about 15 minutes to charge once you land. So the service is like an air taxi in the sense that it's going from trunk routes from City Center to ORD and back and forth in and quick 20 to 40-mile missions," said Bryan Bernhard of Archer Aviation.

They are approved when it comes to the route and the city and state are on board, they just have to figure out where they are going to land at O’Hare to get passengers close enough to the airport.

The FAA also still has to certify the aircraft.