Alarming report on hatred in America reveals there were 11,000 hate crimes in the US in 2021

Cook County is breaking down an alarming report on hatred in America.

On Friday, the Simon Wiessenthal Center released its 28th Annual Digital Terror Report.

It features poor grades for social media companies on their failure to curb online hate.


TikTok, Telegram, Twitter and even Amazon were named as contributors to racist and anti-Semitic sentiment. 

The FBI says in 2021, there were 11,000 hate crimes in the U.S.

Attacks on Asian Americans were the highest, increasing 167 percent from the year before.

Cook County and other leaders spoke out saying that a major part of the problem is that many online sites are able to monetize hate speech. 

The group said the basic takeaway from the report is that parents should encourage their kids to avoid platforms that can support hatred and hate speech because unfortunately, it continues to be extremely prevalent on those sites.