Alderman sleeps outdoors to curb crime as St. Sabina Church launches anti-violence marches

Starting Friday night, one alderman on the South Side is sleeping outside in the neighborhood in an effort to put an end to some bad behavior on the block.

Also on the South Side, St. Sabina Church is kicking off its Friday night anti-violence marches.

This was the first Friday night rally and march kicking off summer and praying for peace.

A large crowd gathered at the steps of the church, located in the Gresham neighborhood.

Father Michael Pfleger, common and the crowd's mission on this Juneteenth weekend is to reduce violence with their voices. 

A few streets over, near 73rd Place and Ada, an alderman also hopes to reduce violence but in a quieter way with his presence – by sleeping in a tent in the middle of the block. 

"I may be out here to the winter. I have no idea. Whatever it takes, this is my new address right now," said 17th Ward Alderman David Moore.

Moore has set up shop where he said drug dealers routinely do their business. 

"That's been an open air drug market and people, residents cannot get into their homes. They cannot park because they have to wait until the traffic has stopped," said Moore. 

He's worked with law enforcement, but they kept coming back. 

"It's extremely obvious. Anybody can drive up and you can just see them doing hand-to-hand transaction in the open. Every day. They don't care who is watching," Moore said. 

Our cameras spotted what appeared to be what the alderman was talking about. 

Yvette has lived on the block all her life with her dad. 

"It's just like, if your parents is at home, you won't act up. So if he's around, they might not act up as much," Yvette said.

Alderman Moore said he's worked with Chicago police and they've been responsive, but he needs more of a plan from law enforcement. 

As for the St. Sabina Friday night rallies, they will continue every Friday night at 7 p.m. during the summer.