Alicia Vikander talks new film 'Blue Bayou'

Oscar Winner Alicia Vikander stars in the powerful new drama "Blue Bayou," which hits theaters around Chicago on Friday.

Vikander stars as a woman whose life and family are turned upside down when her husband, through a legal technicality, is threatened with deportation.

Vikander, who plays a mother in the film, is a new mom herself. She recently had a child with actor Michael Fassbender.


FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with Vikander about how motherhood might affect how she looks at the film in the years to come.

"The experience of shooting ‘Blue Bayou’ would have been different if I’d had a child by that point," Vikander said. "I think it’s more looking forward. Of course, this is now another amazing tool – a life experience, which is what I use, to create my fantasies and ideas for characters when I read scripts. I’ll now have another level of depth and understanding for certain things."

Vikander can be seen in 'Blue Bayou,' in theaters around Chicago on Sept.17.