An unclaimed veteran has been laid to rest

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A Marine Corps Veteran was buried Wednesday and no one knew anything about him apart from his military service, officials said.

Richard Lindsay Butterfield’s body was found in an abandoned building, officials said.

Butterfield’s life is widely unknown. Before he went into the military, officials said they only know that Butterfield received a bachelor’s degree in physical education. He entered active duty in 1962 and was commissioned a 2nd Lt. then at the end of his time in service, a 1st Lt. Officials said his service was listed as honorable.

After July 31, 1965, officials have no idea where he was or what happened to him. Officials did not know if he had a wife, children, siblings or friends.

Officials said Butterfield died homeless and alone.

A funeral held on Wednesday honored Butterfield by burying him with other armed forces. Officials said his flag would be held at the funeral home and be presented to any of his loved ones or surviving members.

Officials said Butterfield would never lie alone again.