Anti-violence activist fatally shot on Chicago's South Side

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A teenage anti-violence activist has been shot and killed on the streets of Chicago.

A very emotional vigil was held for the teen Thursday night.

"I just want peace here in the land. We listen to many of our babies, every time you turn around mom is crying, mom is crying, is crying for their babies,” the victim’s mother said.

Delmonte Johnson at just 19 years young was a staple at his church, with his community pushing for peace and helping others. Recently with the group “Good Kids Mad City,” Johnson was handing out shoes to kids in Englewood with rapper Vic Mensa.

On Wednesday night, Johnson was gunned down in the very streets he was trying to save.

“I pray for the kids cause I want justice for my child,” his mom said.

Johnson had just left his younger brothers football practice when he was shot several times outside a store in the 8600 block of South Euclid. He died in his younger brother DeVirgo's arms.

“It hurts so much, he was laying in my hands,” DeVirgo said.

DeVirgo remembered the last thing his brother said to him.

"He said I want to see you make it out the hood. I said bro I got you…10 or 20 minutes later his friend come back to me and say he got shot,” DeVirgo said.

The group “Good Kids Mad City” is now training kids to be first responders and carry medical kits.