Arkansas police officer prays for students at school’s flagpole everyday

A school resource officer in Wynne, Arkansas, is going viral for his daily act of kindness each morning before school starts.

DeAndra Warren, a police officer in charge of protecting hundreds of students-- kindergarten through high school --gets out of his patrol car while still off-duty, stands at the base of the flag pole and bows his head in prayer for the students, teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers, his wife and three daughters, and the nation.

Warren's 21-year-old daughter, De'Andria, told Fox News she shared the powerful image on her Facebook page Saturday to highlight that not all officers are the same and that there are good people in the world, especially her dad.

"It means a lot to me because his passion and love for the students is hard to explain," she said. "His actions show it all. Every student is like another son or daughter to him because he treats them as his own child."

The 40-year-old officer has had a big impact on the students in the community, fist-bumping and high-fiving students in the hallways and putting smiles on their faces.


The Warren family from left to right: De’Andria (21), DeLisa (17), Sherlynn (40), DeAndra (40), and Shalondria (18) (Courtesy of De'Andria Warren)

"He will go far and beyond to make sure any of the kids are happy and felt loved," his daughter added. "He is truly an angel from heaven sent just to do God’s work!"

Warren, who has been a seven-year member of the Wynne Police Department, attends Tabernacle of Faith New Testament Church, where he also is a minister and plays the drums.


Officer DeAndra Warren stands at the flag pole, praying for students. The photo shared by his 21-year-old daughter, De'Andria, went viral online. (Courtesy of De'Andria Warren)

"I feel led by the Spirit of God to pray for our students and all staff in our school district," he told KTHV.

He started praying at the pole in 2015, inspired by the Bible verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people, which are called by name, humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will heal their land.”

Warren says he ants to continue to show the positive side of law enforcement, especially for the next generation.