Arlington Heights mayor says it's 'certainly possible' village rejects Bears move

Elected officials in Arlington Heights are making it clear that the Bears move is not a done deal.

Arlington Heights Mayor Tom Hayes said Monday that it's "certainly possible" the village could end up rejecting the club's final redevelopment plans.

The Daily Herald reports that most board members do support the club's pre-development agreement the Bears have on the table.


However, according to The Herald, when a resident asked if there was any chance the board would reject the Bears' plan for the redevelopment of the 326 acre site, including restaurants, hotels and office space, both the mayor and village manager said it's possible.  

They say it's early in the process, and the plans could change significantly before a final deal is floated.

Additionally, Mayor Hayes says the public will have a say every step of the way.

The Arlington Heights Board will vote on the agreement for the $5 billion redevelopment on Nov. 7.