Armed robbers arrested after hitting Frankfort cellphone store, leading police on chase

Police say they have arrested two armed robbers after they hit a cellphone store in the southwest suburbs and then led police on a chase.

This robbery was brazen. It went down around 1:40 p.m. Friday afternoon. The T-Mobile is located in the strip mall surrounding a nail salon, a Dollar Tree and much more.

The cellphone store had signs up apologizing for closing early. Workers were still inside.

Police say two robbers stormed in armed with handguns in the 202000 block of South LaGrange Road. Frankfort police got there in time to see the car they were in speeding off and that’s when they gave chase, following them into Harvey. They were apprehended as other police agencies stepped in to help.

Police are not saying these crimes are connected, but on November 16, a woman was at a Chase bank just blocks away from Friday’s robbery when she was approached by a man with a gun. He forced her to withdraw $500 and then kidnapped her, forcing her to give up her pin at various big box stores. Police say those criminals slipped up and showed their faces as they committed the crimes.

Police say there investigation is still in the early stages and is far from over.