Armed robbery, carjacking on Lake Shore Drive during downtown Mexican Independence Day celebration

A group of people were robbed and their car was stolen by an armed suspect on DuSable Lake Shore Drive during the Mexican Independence Day celebrations downtown early Saturday morning. 

Five victims went to the 10th District Police Department to report a robbery that happened around 3:15 a.m. in the 1400 block of DuSable Lake Shore Drive near Chicago's South Loop

Police say the victims were in a car and stopped on Lake Shore Drive during an overnight Mexican Independence Day celebration when an armed offender approached them and told them to get out fo the car. 

The suspect took several necklaces from two of the victims and took the vehicle. 

Illinois State Police said on Saturday afternoon that they'd be helping Chicago police with road closures starting at 5 p.m. to control traffic into and out of the cty. 

The suspect drove off southbound on Lake Shore Drive. 

No injuries reported. 

The stolen car is a 2011 Nissan Rogue with an IL plate # DD47882.  


Area detectives are investigating. No further details at this time.