As another cop is shot, Father Pfleger concerned that people don't care about city's violence

A Chicago police officer is recovering after being shot in the shoulder while trying to arrest a man Monday afternoon. One suspect is in custody, but police continue to look for two others.

It comes after another violent weekend in which 6 people were killed and another 41 were wounded in shootings across the city.

All the violence has Father Michael Pfleger railing about what he sees as 'complacency in Chicago.' He is concerned that people are more concerned about the NFL Draft than lives lost.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Monday there was hope that the officer shot might be able to go home tonight. He was hit in the right shoulder with the bullet passing through his body. He is the fifth officer shot in this city so far this year, compared to last year at this time when not a single officer had been shot.

The officer shot has about nine years on the force. Police say he was shot as he tried to chase down a man who ran after police stopped him and two others in the alley near 24th and Trumbull.

“They were on routine patrol, uniformed officers in a marked car. They saw three individuals who looked suspicious, they thought they may have seen a weapon so they got out to complete an ISR report, that's when the subjects broke away and ran,” Supt. Eddie Johnson Johnson said.

But unlike recent confrontations with police, the suspected gunman was not shot himself. Police say he dropped or threw the weapon away after shooting the officer, who's partner then chased the gunman down, tased him and made the arrest.

“This is an example of officers being proactive, doing what we want them to do, the right way and this happens to them. But again that just illustrates that we have too many guns out here on the streets of Chicago,” Supt. Johnson said.

Those guns wreaked havoc across the city, which left Father Michael Pfleger disgusted by not just the violence, but what he perceives as a lack of concern about it.

“While we're in a Monday morning and hearing the news stories about the NFL draft taking place and the latest on what Trump has said or done in this city , there are six families making funeral arrangements, there's 41 families who are at hospitals,” said Pfleger.

Pfleger says people have to care enough to start making a difference in their neighborhood.

“As long as we continue this, like well it's another weekend in Chicago, nobody does anything, there's no urgency. That's what's frustrating me more than anything,” Pfleger said.

Father Pfleger says he calling on congregations to take a stand against violence outside their churches this Sunday during or after services. So far, he has about 40 churches who plan to participate.

Pfleger says he is worried this will be an extremely violent summer.