As more heat plagues Chicago, city pools still not open

Even with another run of hot weather moving in, many Chicagoans are going to have to wait awhile longer to jump into a pool.

Monday was hot, but Tuesday is going to be even worse.

Pools throughout Chicago were supposed to open Friday, but it’s been delayed until July 5.


The superintendent of the Chicago Park District says the reason for the delay is because of a lifeguard shortage. It's a nationwide issue.

So, Chicago has increased the incentives for applicants, easing the residency requirements and increasing sign-on bonuses to $600 to attract more lifeguard applicants.

Right now, the lifeguards they do have are all stationed at the beaches.

"Having the lifeguards at the beaches is a way to save lives. The priority for us is always about life, safety and yes, we can open some pools but that would mean we would have to minimize the number of guards at the beaches and right now the beaches are packed," said Supt. Rosa Escareno.

The superintendent says they still need 300 lifeguards.

There's also a $500 bonus for current park district employees who make referrals.