As officer's trial begins, Chicago protesters march for justice in death of George Floyd

Protesters in Chicago on Monday marched into the night, calling for a conviction in the death of George Floyd.

The protest came on the first day of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin's trial, who is accused in Floyd’s death.

"We’ve had officers indicted. But we want to see officers convicted!" community activist Eric Russell said.


Jury selection for Chauvin’s trial began on Monday. It is set to take place in Minneapolis. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse there.

Chauvin faces second-degree murder and manslaughter charges. A third-degree murder charge could be reinstated. The judge paused jury selection as they await that appeal.

Floyd’s sister spoke after court was adjourned.

"Our hope is that justice prevails and we can all use this as an opportunity to be better," Bridgett Floyd said.

Chicago attorney Tony Romanucci is one of the attorneys representing the Floyd family in a civil lawsuit.

"Chicago has witnessed that in the past and it’s been very disastrous because there’s been acquittals and findings of not guilty," he said.

The high-profile case in Minnesota is getting similar attention to that of former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke. His attorney Dan Gilbert says with all the media attention, it is a lot of pressure on the jury.

"We will see protests and a fair and impartial verdict in this case," he said.