As violence plagues Chicago, police say they've hired more cops this year to combat crime

Six people were killed and 28 were shot — seven of them teens — over the weekend in Chicago.

Close to a third of the shootings happened in two neighboring police districts on the South Side that cover Woodlawn, South Shore, Grand Crossing, Chatham and the Auburn Gresham neighborhoods.

Chicago police have recruited and hired more officers so far this year than all of 2019, and 2020/2021 combined.


Police Superintendent David Brown says the department is seeing success hiring new officers to help combat crime across the city.

"We are quite challenged with a backlog of vacancies of about 1,400. But we have these last several months have made a significant stride in hiring Chicago police officers. Again, I want to highlight, at this point this year, we've already hired more Chicago cops than this department did in all of 2019," Brown said.

Shootings and murders are down in the Chicago compared to last year, police said.