Aurora police use new tech to monitor temperatures of K9s on hot days

People all across Chicagoland were finding ways to beat the heat Tuesday.

But for some people, and animals, there's still a job to be done. Aurora police, like many departments, have K9 units.

On hot days, officers are thankful for technology that helps protect the pups. K9 Officer Mark Carey has a temperature sensor in his patrol car to make sure his K9 — named Benny — doesn't overheat.

"It tells me the temperature on both sides of the canine cage and it is also hooked up to my portable sensor that gives the exact reading," explained Officer Carey.


When the car gets too hot, the lights and siren go off and Carey’s portable sensor vibrates. This technology provides peace of mind, reminding officers the dog is in the backseat and to monitor their conditions.

Officer Carey says bad things can happen. On hot days, put something in the backseat to remind you to empty the car.

"When you get home, make sure you are going back there to grab that item, and obviously verifying that everything is being cleared out of the backseat area of that vehicle," said Officer Carey.

In addition, Aurora has a cooling center at the Aurora Transportation Center. It will be open Wednesday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.