Autopsy confirms CPD officer died of COVID-19 at his South Side home

Autopsy results confirm that a Chicago police officer found dead in his South Side home in November died from a coronavirus infection.

The autopsy results remained inconclusive for several days after Officer Titus Moore died Nov. 24. But results posted Tuesday on the Cook County medical examiner’s web portal said Moore, 46, died of a COVID-19 viral infection. His death was ruled natural.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Police Department finally agreed to give Moore an honors funeral — planned for later Tuesday — after the Chicago Sun-Times posted a story Friday quoting his family, claiming he died in the line of duty from COVID-19.

The story quoted Moore’s sister Thea Moore saying, “It’s incomprehensible why they didn’t do that for someone who worked for them for 14 years, got COVID on the job and was working overtime before he got sick. They are doing a disservice to my family.”

Later that day, the police department said it was coordinating an honors funeral for Moore.

Three other Chicago cops have died from the virus, all in April: Sgt. Cliff Martin and officers Marco DiFranco and Ronald Newman. They were all given honors funerals.

More than 1,560 Chicago police officers have tested positive for the virus.