Baylor instructor holds student's fussy baby during class

WACO, Texas (AP) — A Baylor University educator faced with a student's fussy baby in class after a sitter canceled instead held the infant for the nearly hourlong lecture.

KWTX-TV reports Darryn Willoughby is a body builder — in addition to being an associate professor of health, human performance and recreation at the Waco school.

Katy Humphrey is a Marine veteran who's married and has a 4-month-old daughter, Millie. Humphrey had a child care issue earlier this month when her sitter canceled.

Humphrey went to class anyway, with Millie in her baby carrier, and hoped the youngster wouldn't be a distraction.

Millie began to fidget.

Willoughby noticed, picked up the baby and then continued his lecture.

Humphrey says Willoughby toted the baby around like a football and Millie was content the whole time.