Baylor NICU babies dressed up as adorable Star Wars characters

Nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Temple celebrated the release of the latest Star Wars movie by dressing up their own tiny warriors.

The Dallas-based hospital network shared pictures and a video of the adorable preemies wearing crocheted Yoda hats and holding miniature crocheted lightsabers.

“In a hospital far, far, away… Temple, Texas to be exact, there are tiny warriors who remind us all of their strength and their will to fight. Together, with the support of their families, they are an unstoppable force. We have spoken,” Baylor wrote.


Easton – These babies in white make up an army of elite soldiers. (Baylor Scott & White Health)


Ira – The original beep and boop-er; brave, valiant, and has a servant-heart. (Baylor Scott & White Health)


Ember – This cutie knows “the way” to your heart. (Baylor Scott & White Health)


Maliyah – Baby is a little ball of charm. She knows how to get her way and win people over in the process. (Baylor Scott & White Health)


Abigail - A real “ray” of sunshine; bright, beautiful and strong. (Baylor Scott & White Health)


Marley - This princess is just as tough as she is cute. (Baylor Scott & White Health)


Jack – A rebel warrior known for his big heart. (Baylor Scott & White Health)


Lucas – This chosen one is gifted with unique strength and a special relationship with his father. (Baylor Scott & White Health)


Hayes - Wise beyond his years this baby is. (Baylor Scott & White Health)

Star Wars the “Rise of Skywalker” opened Thursday in the U.S., bringing in a reported $40 million at the box office. It’s the third movie in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and the final episode in the nine-part Skywalker Saga.