Ben Stiller moves behind the camera for new AppleTV+ series 'Severance'

Known for getting big laughs in front of the camera, actor Ben Stiller is now telling behind the camera to direct the new AppleTV+ series "Severance."

The mind-bending new series surrounds the idea of a surgical procedure called "severance" which separates a person’s workplace memories from their personal memories – meaning at home, you have idea who you are or what you do at work and vice versa.

Stiller spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about the idea of separating one’s personal life from their work life – and if there’s any value of bringing one into the other.

"I think as an actor, by nature it’s subjective to bring parts of yourself into your work," Stiller said. "It’s hard to separate that out because you want to be connected to it."

He added "It’s a question a lot of people have, you look at yourself and ask yourself ‘Am I really connecting to this in a way that means something to me?’"

"Severance" starts streaming on AppleTV+ on Friday.