"BlackBerry" staring Jay Barchel, Glenn Howerton hits theaters this week

The story of the historic rise and meteoric fall of one of the most iconic smartphones of all time is coming to the big screen in the new movie "BlackBerry."

The movie tells the true story of how the BlackBerry went from owning 45% of the cell phone market at its peak to 0% today.

The dramatic comedy stars Glenn Howerton ("It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia") and Jay Baruchel ("This Is The End") as two of the masterminds behind the smartphone that changed the world – but the pair spoke with FOX 32's Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about what they miss about life…before smartphones took over.

"I feel so bad for my kids," Howerton said, "who will never fully be able to appreciate what it’s like to just sit there and be bored."


Baruchel added "I hate being privy to every ******* opinion that passes through people’s heads. I hate knowing that my friends think certain things!"

"BlackBerry" hits theaters on Friday, May 12.