Blackhawks sign 7-year-old cancer survivor to one-day contract

Partnering with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Chicago Blackhawks made a young cancer survivor's wish of playing with the team come true, signing him to a one-day contract.

"You realize there's so much more to life than sports," said Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson after signing a brand-new player to the roster: 7-year-old Luca Bear Bish.

"We're going to sign Luca to a one-day contract with the Blackhawks," Davidson told a news conference.  "Does that sound good to you, Luca?"

The 7-year-old nodded, and he's endured a battle way more grueling than an 82-game hockey season. Three and a half years after being diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Luca was declared cancer-free in August.


"To have Luca here, to see him, and to see how excited he is to meet some of his heroes, it's...pretty special," said Davidson.

Special indeed, with Luca sharing the ice, and getting some pointers at skate-around with his #1 idol: Hawks Forward Patrick Kane.

"He's a shooter, not much of a passer," joked Kane.  "But he's a good shooter. We had a lot of goals out there, right?"

Luca's toughness inspired even the toughest of athletes.

"To see the guys come over when we blew the whistle," said Coach Richardson.  "Everybody just lights up."

"It was fun," said Luca.