Blagojevich joins families of violence victims to demand Foxx harden stance on prosecuting criminals

Families of murder victims took their grief and anger straight to the Cook County State's Attorney Office Friday, getting some help from a well-known name in Illinois.

Clutching pictures of loved ones, families came together to share stories of their loss.

"It's been 336 days since the murder of my son that was 4 years old," said Mychal Moultry Sr., as he held a picture of his son.

The families are also united in their anger and frustration that the killers of their loved ones still walk free. They largely blame the office of the Cook County State's Attorney and Kim Foxx.

"Our children's blood on your hands, Miss Foxx, and I hope you see the childrens' faces every night," said Melinda Abdallah, whose son was killed.


Joining the families was a familiar face. Rod Blagojevich says Foxx's office needs to do a better job prosecuting violent criminals.

"Common sense tells us if we take a smarter, more aggressive approach against those who do violent crime, we will reduce violent crime," said Blagojevich.

In response to the protest, Foxx says they're pursuing a "smart approach to crime" focused on those who spread violence.

She also took aim at the former governor saying in a statement, "as for Rod Blagojevich, I hope he remains focused on staying out of prison himself after his extortion schemes that victimized children in need of medical care."

But Friday’s protest wasn't all about bashing Foxx. According to community activist Andrew Holmes, they're here to offer help.

"If she needs help, everybody needs to come on board from the mayor's office to the superintendent's office and help the state's attorney prosecute these cases because there's a glitch somewhere," said Holmes.