Block party held to celebrate last day of school for CPS students

There was a big celebration in Woodlawn Wednesday in honor of the last day of school for CPS students.

Kids enjoyed snow cones, live music and a fun game of musical chairs!

With a goal to eliminate hopelessness in communities, the event was coordinated by City Motivators. They provided 150 kids with safe and healthy activities, including face painting.

Three-year-old Layla was all smiles and seen having a blast. 

"A lot of the residents are scared to come out because of violence, this is counteracting that violence," said organizer Felecia Walker.

The event, in partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health, also included access to community resources, like job training and healthcare services.


With young people out of school for the summer and a lot more idle times, sisters Evelyn and Brenda Brown say these kinds of efforts help reduce crime and bring communities closer.

The group City Motivators will host eight block parties this summer. They’re specifically targeting high-crime areas. There are three slots still available. 

If you’re interested in the fun coming to your neighborhood, email or call 773-447-6018.