Step into a magical 'Bluey' experience in Lincoln Park

The ultra-popular cartoon character Bluey has taken up residence in Lincoln Park. 

Just look for the CAMP storefront on North Avenue and you will find part toy store, part party space, and behind the magic door, part Immersive Bluey experience.

You step right into an episode of Bluey, called "The Most Amazing Hide and Seek Ever".

"The show is about an hour-long experience for kids to get to explore the house that they see in the show every day, by playing all of our favorite Bluey and Bingo games from all of our favorite episodes," said Amanda Raposo, chief experience officer CAMP.

The adventure is capped off with the discovery of Bluey and Bingo, Bluey's sister, who greet the children at the end, offering up lots of hugs and photo opportunities.

For the uninitiated, Bluey is a 6-year-old blue heeler puppy, who lives with her sister, mum and dad.

The award-winning BBC show comes from Australia, but its popularity stretches far beyond.

"Bluey is a universal phenomenon. Everyone all over the world is in love with Bluey," Raposo said.