Woman travels from London to check out CosMc's in Bolingbrook

Since the grand opening of McDonald's first-ever spinoff restaurant, CosMc's, lines have stretched long with eager customers in Bolingbrook.

Positioned as a "beverage exploration" hub, CosMc's aims to compete with popular chains like Starbucks and Dunkin'.

Offering a diverse menu of food and drinks, customers can savor unique offerings such as the Turmeric Spice Latte, S'mores Cold Brew, Island Pick Me Up Punch, and more. In addition to these novel beverages, CosMc's boasts two breakfast sandwiches not found on the original McDonald's menu.


CosMc's menu: McDonald's spinoff restaurant announces grand opening date, menu items

We are learning more about the McDonald's spinoff restaurant, CosMc's, set to open in suburban Chicago this month.

One enthusiast traveled all the way from London to experience the new menu.

"The second I found out that McDonald's was launching their new biggest thing, I had to get a flight here. Us Londoners, we love McDonald's. And this is really cool. This is like the new Starbucks, the new Dunkin'. It's great," she said.

CosMc's officially opened its doors last week, on Thursday. Visitors are advised to pack their patience, as wait times for many patrons exceeded two hours during the initial days of its launch.