Boxing champion fights off Chicago muggers, repeatedly hitting one in the groin

Police are trying to find muggers who attacked a woman in Bucktown. 

However, the muggers walked away in pain. 

It was a clear example of picking the wrong person to attack. The incident happened on Sunday morning.

Claire Quinn, 26, was walking to Unanimous Boxing Gym in Logan Square to train when police say two men mugged her.

One of them ran off while the other punched her and tried to grab her cell phone. That is when she went into "attack mode," repeatedly hitting the man in the groin after he had knocked her to the ground.

"I just kept throwing my right hand to his balls," Quinn told Block Club Chicago. "There's no way to sugar coat that or put it nicely."

Police say she was able to hold on to her phone and fight him off.

Quinn is definitely not the person you want to target as she trains four times per week. This year, she even became Golden Gloves Champion in her age group and weight class.

"99 percent of people do not know how to fight," said Miguel Martinez, Quinn's trainer. "They do not know how to react in a street fight. She's a trained boxer she's been working on these skills for years now, and any time that she gets in that situation, she's calm, cool, collected, and able to react accordingly so she protected herself very well."

Her trainer said Quinn did suffer a mild concussion in the attack after hitting her head on the sidewalk, but declined medical treatment and actually made it to the gym later that morning.

Police say both of her attackers got away in a green sedan. So far, no one is in custody.