Brazen attacks caught on video rattle downtown residents, workers

Another violent attack in the middle of a busy downtown area was caught on camera. The attackers showed no fear of getting caught.

The attack happened on State Street between Hubbard and Illinois streets at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

Video recorded on a police POD camera shows a young man being chased into the street and words being exchanged before he was punched repeatedly. He finally collapsed in the street.

A second man walking by was sucker punched and knocked off his feet to the ground.
Both men were robbed and people can be seen snatching the shoes off of their feet.

No one in the crowd interfered but two women started dancing in the street during the beating, blocking traffic.


"Everybody started hitting them, both of them. Both of them got brutalized. They got beat up so badly," said William Salgado, who witnessed the attack. "I want to ask the mayor to do something about this."

Businesses in River North say the problems have gone from bad to worse. And they are making adjustments to cope.

"Before the pandemic we were open until 11, if it was busy we’d be open later, "said Ross Garvey who manages a Cigar Shop nearby. "But now because things are so bad at night we close at 10 on a Friday and Saturday."

"I carry mace with me and I try to be as vigilant as I can. And I try to walk on a street where there’s a lot of lighting," said Alisa Lertpratchya, who works nearby.

Sunday morning's attack happened on a well-lit street with people all around.

Police say at least three men participated in the beating.

They’re hoping the video helps identify them but so far no one is in custody.

Several of these kinds of attacks have happened around the city this summer. As residents and businesses call on the mayor and police for help one alderman will take part in a public safety forum.

At 6 p.m. Tuesday, Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) will join the Gold Coast Neighbors Association and CPD Commander Jill Stevens, 18th District, for a Zoom meeting to discuss crime in the nearby Gold Coast neighborhood.