'Brewseum' honoring Chicago's beer culture opening in 2019

In Chicago, we love our museums and we love our beer.

And some believe it only makes sense to combine the two.

This is a project years in the making, although they’re only just now raising the millions needed to build it. The ‘Brewseum’ is slated to open sometime in 2019, honoring Chicago’s beer culture, both past and present.

Chicagoans love their beer. The city's fascination dates back to the early 1800's, surviving the great fire and surviving prohibition.

Chicago’s home to one of the first universities dedicated to the science of fermentation, and now to honor that rich history there are plans to build a multi-million dollar beer museum.

"We talk about railroads and skyscrapers and trains building Chicago but I'd argue Chicago is a city built on beer,” said founder Liz Garibay.

Brewseum is the brainchild of historian Liz Garibay, who believes there is a thirst for this particular knowledge.

"History makes beer a little bit more accessible to a completely different audience and all of a sudden history becomes more exciting for folks who love beer,” Garibay said.

Bill Jacobs owns and operates one of Chicago’s oldest breweries. He’s buying the Brewseum as a business.

"I think it's something people will look forward to. It combines the history of beer and its place in Chicago and its place nationally and how it brings people together,” Jacobs said.

No location has been set for the Brewseum. But if they build it, will people come?

"It sounds like a decent idea...I hope they'll serve beer,” said beer lover Bud Sweet.

“We will aim to have a tasting room where we brew our own beer...it's a big project ... Really ambitious,” Garibay said.

The people behind the Brewseum are looking for public input. There is a social scheduled for June 1st at revolution brewery in Logan Square.