Burger King debuts green 'nightmare' cheeseburger with beef and chicken for Halloween

Burger King’s latest concoction is the stuff of dreams – or nightmares.

Just in time for Halloween, the fast food giant is adding to its menu the “Nightmare King,” a burger with a ghoulish green bun stuffed with chicken, a quarter-pound of beef patty, thick cut bacon, American cheese, mayonnaise, and onions, according to a news release.

The burger will be available at select locations starting on Oct. 22, setting you back about $6.39.

Aside from revealing its nutritional content, Burger King said it teamed up with the Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Inc., to study the sleep patterns of 100 people who ate the Nightmare Burger before bed.

Dr. Jose Gabriel Medina, a specialized somnologist, gleaned from the study that the “incidence of nightmares” increased by about 3.5 times for those who ate the Nightmare King before bed, according to an online statement.

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