Burglars steal mementos of dead baby

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Burglars broke into a woman's apartment and stole just about everything. But it's not the TVs, clothes, or computers she wants back, it's the baby blankets that belonged to her infant daughter who died last spring.

Brittany Hightower said thieves turned her home in the Oak Forest Apartments in DeKalb County upside down.

"They flipped the bed, they broke the bed. they took all the shoes I had. There was no shoes," said Hightower.

She said they broke through the living room window and left little behind.

"The TV's were gone, the computer was gone," said Hightower.

Hightower said they also took some items that were most precious of all. It was baby blankets that belonged to her daughter Kyana.

Kyana was born last year pre-mature. Her mom said she was tiny but feisty. She only lived 3 months. Hightower said her baby girl was wrapped in the blankets when she took her last breath.

"The last scent I have of her is on that blanket, and that's all I had. I feel like she's gone and the blanket is gone and I have nothing," said Hightower.

The burglary happened January 18. Kyana would have turned one just two days after the burglary.

Hightower said she talked to the detective handling the case and they plan to go through the surveillance video to see if she recognizes any of the people who broke into her apartment.