Buying the Bears? Why one alderman is making a push for Chicago to explore the possibility

One Chicago alderman Is determined to find a way to keep the Chicago Bears within city limits.

Ald. George Cardenas (12th) wants to explore buying the Bears.

The first step is a feasibility study, one that he proposed at City Hall on Wednesday.

But it could be a tall order.

First off, Forbes Magazine reported the Bears are worth upwards of $4 billion.

Current owner Virginia McCaskey also has not indicated that the team is for sale.


NFL bylaws would need to be scrutinized to see if city ownership would even be allowed.

Not to mention, the Bears have already signed a nearly $200 million deal to buy the huge property at Arlington International Racecourse In Arlington Heights.

Still, Cardenas' resolution calls for the city to "explore every opportunity to keep the Bears in Chicago, even if that means buying the team," and a "feasibility study on whether it is practical and advisable for the city to pursue the purchase of the Chicago Bears."

Some Bears fans think it's a long shot.

"That's a big ask for anybody," said Mike Lach. "I mean if the city of Chicago wants the Bears to stay, which we all do,
yeah why not? The Packers do it. Other organizations throughout any kind of professional sports do it. So why not give us a shot and let's see if this is something worthwhile?"

Bears fan Michelle Murphy was even more enthusiastic.

"I think that's an excellent idea, like the Green Bay Packers, sell some stock in the Bears." Murphy said she would buy shares."Yes, yes, I like the Bears. They should stay in Chicago on the lakefront."

Vince Speller said he thinks the city should fight to keep the Bears at Soldier Field.

"I went to Mount Carmel High School. I played there. There's a lot of tradition, there's a lot of history," Speller said. "I don't want to see it go."

But other fans say the advantages of moving to Arlington Heights win out.

"I'm all for them moving to Arlington," said Austin O'Brien. "I just think a better, bigger stadium—I mean Soldier Field is one of the smaller stadiums in the NFL—is going to attract more events like college football."