Calls for increased police presence after violent weekend in Chicago: 'We have to do something'

There are increasing calls to ramp up the city's police presence as Memorial Day approaches, especially after a violent weekend. 

Police reported 45 people were shot this weekend, one of them fatally.

Local activists gathered Monday, urging more police patrols in several neighborhoods, expressing concern that gun violence across Chicago is worsening. 

"The shootings and the killings in Chicago is out of hand, especially when the weather gets better, the shootings go up," one activist said. "Now, with the DNC coming into Chicago, every police officer is going to be downtown Chicago working overtime. But that leaves open for the rest of Chicago. We're asking for more police presence. We're asking for more patrols of police officers, very important. We don't like our children getting shot. Okay? We have to do something for our children."

They also advocated for more security teams inside local businesses to prevent burglaries.