Calumet City woman impacted by Bank of America-Zelle glitch speaks out: 'three dollars to my name'

Bank of America says an earlier glitch that caused customer's bank accounts to show a zero balance has been fixed. But that's not the story we're getting from irate customers.

This specifically involves transactions made through the money transfer service, Zelle.

Bank of America customers reported transactions that had already posted to their accounts were suddenly gone, leaving their accounts in the red. Then, when customers tried to reach out to the bank or go in person, they were either turned away or got a busy signal.

Bank of America put out a warning on its mobile app, saying: "Zelle transactions made between January 14 and January 17 may be delayed in occurring and posting to accounts as requested. Transfers will be completed and will appear in your account activity and balances as soon as possible."


Zelle clarified the issue was strictly with Bank of America.

FOX 32 Chicago spoke with Serina Hartfield of Calumet City who said Wednesday was supposed to be her pay day. But tonight, her check still isn't in her account, and the bank told her to come back in the middle of February to get it straightened out.

"Checked my account, noticed that $2,689 was not in my account and that's exactly how much my check would have been. I called the bank, the bank was not accepting any calls. I went to a branch. When I went to a branch the line was around the corner," she said.

Bank of America is doubling down tonight, saying the issues have been resolved and deposits and transfers are starting to re-appear.

"My birthday's tomorrow. I have literally none. I think I have three dollars to my name," Hartfield said.