Candidate for Chicago police union president calls John Catanzara the 'Lori Lightfoot' of the FOP

The contest for Chicago mayor is not the only election campaign taking place right now.

A few days after we count the votes in the race for mayor, votes will also be counted at the Fraternal Order of Police union.

Detective Bob Bartlett, a 24-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, says incumbent John Catanzara's controversial temperament is not what the union needs as officers face so many challenges.

"He destroys stuff. Destroys the relationships. He's very much the Lori Lightfoot of the FOP … he cannot get along with people. He can't get along with city council members, ones that support us. He can't get along with the legislators downstate to get legislation passed. He can't get along with our members. He screams at our members," Bartlett said.


Catanzara had agreed to appear jointly with Bartlett at Friday’s taping of Flannery Fired Up, but then the night before he said he had a conflict. FOX 32 offered alternative times but did not hear back.

Catanzara argues that despite the controversies, such as alleged bigoted comments that led the department to attempt to fire him, that he's been effective. Bartlett also says Catanzara has wasted money.

"Frivolous spending on our PAC, frivolous spending on stuff that he wants. A food truck for $90,000," Bartlett said. "$26,000 last year, there's a line item for travel expenses. Where is he traveling? What is he spending that money on?"

FOX 32 left a voicemail message seeking a response from Catanzara, but has not yet heard back.