'Candyman' film embraces Chicago's complexities

If you’re not brave enough to say his name five times into a mirror, you can still see Candyman, if you head to the theaters this weekend.

A new sequel to the 1992 classic horror film sees the return of the legendary slasher monster to the city of Chicago – and in addition to scares and gore, it also tackles some big Chicago themes, specifically focused around the Cabrini-Green Homes.

FOX 32 Entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with "Candyman" star Colman Domingo about how Chicago plays such an important part of the monster’s legend.


"That’s why we revisit Chicago," Domingo said. "There’s so much story there. Whether or not you’re watching the neighborhood being gentrified or you’re watching people being displaced, we do an examination of: ‘Who’s city is this?"

Domingo added "It’s unpacking many things, on many levels."

"Candyman" opens in theaters around Chicago on Aug. 27.