'Cane guy' goes viral at White Sox game

The chatter continues surrounding Sunday night's epic White Sox comeback win that kept the season alive, and the crowd that seemed to will the team to victory. 

A crowd that included one veteran fan now known as "the cane guy".

The biggest homerun in Leury Garcia's life. 

The Sox took the lead and the Rate exploded! 

But was it all his doing, or did he have a little help from the "cane guy?"

Did you see him last night?

The gray-haired gentleman that the FS1 cameras kept showing, pointing his cane toward the field? 

His name is Ron Holt, and he is a lifelong Sox fan from Northbrook. 

It all started in that third inning with the Sox trailing the Astros by four runs. 


Ron picked up his cane and much to his surprise, it kept working.

And the hits kept coming. 

Suddenly, the fans around Ron and his son began to take notice.

Maybe the most memorable moment came in the eighth inning with rookie Andrew Vaughn at the plate, when the fans around Ron implored him to pick up his cane one more time!

Ron said the whole night was pure magic. 

The best atmosphere and the most electric stadium environment he's ever experienced.