Car slams into Metro PCS store in alleged smash and grab

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A car slammed into a Metro PCS phone store in Orange County this Tuesday morning. 

Fox 35 reporter Amanda McKenzie was on scene and was told by detectives that they think this was a smash and grab. They believe the car was backed up through the glass door, creating quite a mess. They are not sure what was taken at this time.

Detectives went on to say that the suspects also broke the windows of the Little Caesars and China Taste restaurant in the same shopping plaza.

Detectives are said to be working to acquire some of the security camera footage, but are waiting on the shop owners to arrive. They do not have a description of any suspects or anyone in custody at this time. 

Cleanup has began in the shopping plaza. Metro PCS will be closed today, but Little Caesars is already busy filling orders. The China Taste restaurant is not getting their glass doors replaced.