Family of Carol Stream man killed by police demands video release at emotional meeting: 'let the world see'

Emotions ran high Tuesday night at the Carol Stream Village Board meeting over the killing of Issac Goodlow III at the hands of Carol Stream police more than two weeks ago.

Goodlow’s mother and other family members were permitted to view two minutes of each officer's body-worn camera footage, totaling 15 to 20 minutes, which did not capture the entirety of the incident.

Goodlow’s mother urged the Village Board to release the full footage, stating, "He was shot down in his sleep."

Police state they responded to a domestic violence situation at the Villagebrook Apartments on February 3, although the family disputes this claim, asserting that the alleged victim was inside and not visible in the video. The family alleges a maintenance man allowed the police entry.

The family's attorney contends Goodlow was asleep and unarmed.

"We can’t even be in bed asleep because we are over-policed," remarked Lavola Williams, Goodlow’s cousin.

Carol Stream Police Chief Don Cummings stated that the investigation is ongoing, with the DuPage County State’s Attorney reviewing the evidence.

"Right now, they're looking to gather the information that they can, so they can look at the circumstances from the totality aspect of it, so they can make a proper decision," said Cummings.

The Public Integrity Unit of the DuPage Metropolitan Emergency Response and Investigative Team has not yet released their findings.

"If you aren’t hiding anything and covering nothing, you will let the world see what really happened," stated Dajanae Barnes, Goodlow’s niece.

FOX 32 Chicago submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for the videos and 911 calls, which was denied by the police department citing the ongoing investigation.