Caught on camera: Thieves crash U-Haul into Chicago clothing store but leave empty-handed

Thieves were in for a rude awakening when they tried to burglarize a South Side clothing store over the weekend, and their attempt to break in was all caught on camera.

Early Saturday morning, the thieves drove two U-Hauls to ABC 95th — a clothing, accessories, and cell phone repair store at 95th and Halsted.

Surveillance video from the store shows a U-Haul truck getting into position in the parking lot, while another U-Haul van waited nearby.

The driver of the truck is then seen speeding in reverse into the storefront.

"They pressed on the gas and came back really fast and really hard into the gate and attempted to get in that way," said Stringer Harris, store manager, ABC 95th.

The driver got out and hurried around the front of the truck.

"The vehicle got stuck, because of the rails, because of the frame," said Harris.

A closer look, the thieves realized their truck was lodged between the parking block and the store's overhang.

"One of my customers actually called me up four or five times, letting me know there was a U-Haul truck in front of the store, and there was police all over the place," said ABC 95th owner Waseem Doleh.

The store's owner tells FOX 32 Chicago he was woken up by those calls and rushed to his business.


Unable to get in, Doleh said the thieves abandoned the U-Haul truck and fled in the van just before police arrived.

"Nobody was hurt, nothing was taken, just a lot of damage," said Doleh.

A shattered window, busted overhang, and jammed security gate are some of what's left to repair – and it could take weeks.

"I'm just being patient right now, we have to deal with the insurance, I hate that we have to go through this, I’ve been in the community for over 10 years, I support all my customers, I just don’t want this to happen anymore," said Doleh.

"When I saw the video, it was reminiscent of the looting that was going on a couple years ago, and it just made my heart break seeing these things try to transpire again," said Harris.

Harris said incidents like this can impact the livelihoods of those who depend on small businesses.

"This place provides an outlet for this community to come in and shop and buy things and clothing, all you do is take things away from your own community, for what?" said Harris.

A similar incident happened at the store in mid-December when a car backed into the storefront in an attempt to break in. In that case, the car sped off when they were unsuccessful.

Detectives are investigating Saturday’s incident and said no one is in custody.