Chance the Rapper announces Chicago Bulls donating $1M to CPS

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FOX 32 NEWS - Chance the Rapper made a major announcement on Friday.

Chicago native Chance the Rapper is making it his mission to raise awareness about the financial woes at Chicago Public Schools. So far, he's helped raised more than a million dollars and today, he just helped add a million more.

Chance the Rapper came home Friday to Robeson High School in Englewood to announce the furthering of charitable efforts in the name of Chicago Public Schools.

"We all individually play roles in the betterment of the kids of Chicago and it's a long standing conversation that's been going on about the detriment of Chicago, but we can all get really involved here,” the Chance the Rapper said.

The rapper – a product of CPS himself – is continuing to reach out through his foundation to other corporations looking to donate to the financially strapped district.

“It is my job, as just who I am to bring light and attention to public school funding, broken formulas and especially how it affects my hometown with a 90 percent minority, where there's 90 percent minority students,” Chance the Rapper said.

The Chicago Bulls are the latest to donate one million dollars to help the students at Chicago Public Schools.

"He cares about the community and I asked him, 'Chance are you going to be here? Are you here long term?' And he said I'm not going anywhere, the city of Chicago raised me and I'm going to give back,” said Bulls’ President Michael Reinsdorf.

Thanks to the donation from Bulls Charities, so far Chance's efforts have raised more than $2.2 million. That means 12 additional CPS schools are individually receiving $10k from Social Works, which is Chance's foundation.

He also announced that he's collaborating with Children's First to form a fund dedicated to the arts and literature. It will bring the arts to the city's classrooms with the most need.

Chance says he is hoping other corporations will continue to help his alma mater school district.