Charges dropped against man accused of attempting to kidnap teen in Carol Stream

Charges have been dropped against a man accused of trying to kidnap a teenager in the middle of the day in Carol Stream last August.

Stunning surveillance video showed a man on a bike grabbing and trying to carry a 13-year-old away.

The girl ended up getting away. 

In the same month, Humberto Caldera was charged for the attack. But now, the Daily Herald says his charges were scrapped right before his June trial.

Caldera's lawyer said records show that police looked into a different man for the crime.


The man apparently looked very similar to Caldera, and told police he had one of the teenager's sandals.

Caldera is still facing charges in two other cases, including one where he is accused of following a 17-year-old from a park, recording her and trying to get into her home.

"We motioned to drop the charges because we felt we could not satisfy our burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt based upon discovery received by the defense three days prior to trial.," the DuPage County Attorney's Office said.