Chicago 911 dispatcher slams Mayor Lightfoot for reportedly using extra police protection: 'It's crazy'

A Chicago 911 dispatcher sounded off Wednesday about Mayor Lori Lightfoot reportedly using secret police protection despite her vocal push to defund the men and women in blue.

Keith Thornton, who is running to be an Illinois state representative, joined "Fox & Friends" to discuss the mayor's double standard on policing as crime continues to run rampant in the Windy City.

"She completely defunds the police," Thornton told co-host Brian Kilmeade. "She's not for the police at all, and… not only that, but we have in Chicago crime soaring through the sky… it's crazy."

The Chicago Police Department reportedly created a new unit discreetly back in 2020 to guard the mayor's home and City Hall, which is now comprised of dozens of officers.

Lightfoot has a personal bodyguard detail in addition to the newly-created unit under the Chicago Police Department.

"Now she feels what every other citizen within the north side, the west side, south side and downtown is feeling… since she's been in office that hey, crime is here," Thornton said. "Now she has her own secret little patrol on top of her regular detail patrolling her house."


According to the Chicago Police Department, there were 76 officers shot or shot at last year and around 800 murders across the city.

"She's facing it, like many other politicians do when it's right at the front door," Thornton said. "And now they want to all of a sudden back the police? Nonsense."

Murders, criminal sexual assault, and theft have increased since 2020 as Chicago continues to deal with a wave of violent crime. 

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