Chicago activists want unions to shut the CTA down if ex-officer Jason Van Dyke is released

Activists want union workers to shut down the CTA if former Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke is released next month.

In 2014, Van Dyke shot and killed Laquan McDonald, 17. Van Dyke has only served part of his sentence, but could soon be paroled.

Activists said that they stand in solidarity with CTA unions calling for safer working conditions as they negotiate a new contract. They are asking unions to stand with them in their calls to have Van Dyke face federal civil rights charges.

"Majority of people who have been fighting for social justice reform are completely disgusted at the thought that he can be released for murder, and you have people sitting in Cook County jail spending more time waiting to go to trial than this man has actually spent in prison, and you think something is not wrong with our judicial system," said community organizer William Calloway on Saturday.

The Magnificent Mile Association has also been asked to put pressure on Chicago's top federal prosecutor. Community activists said they met with the association's president on Friday, and that the meeting was "productive."