Chicago alderman's new proposal could limit sale of hemp-derived products

There is a new proposal that could limit the sale of hemp-derived products, like delta-8.

One Chicago alderman is behind an ordinance that would change the way it is sold.

Businesses across Chicago are allowed to sell delta-8 THC. It is similar to marijuana — but without regulations. 

Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins introduced an ordinance Thursday that would only allow state-licensed marijuana stores to sell most THC products.

"It makes it illegal for any retailer to claim they're a dispensary when they in fact are not a licensed dispensary," said Hopkins.

The limit would include synthetic cannabis-like products containing delta-8, delta-10 and THC-0.

He calls it a public health crisis since it's too accessible, even to kids.

"Now, what we're finding is some of these illegal retailers are selling products that are as potent if not more so than legal cannabis products and people are taking them. Children are taking them, and they're getting sick and it's a threat to public health," said Hopkins.

Some are opposed to this proposal.