Chicago aldermen oppose suspending rules to allow vote on revised ward map proposal

Two North Side members of the city council urged their colleagues Monday to block an effort by the Latino Caucus to redraw their proposed ward maps.

A council coalition led by the Latino Caucus has now allied with a group of political reformers and wants to tweak the proposed ward map they filed several months ago.

Opponents fear it would only strengthen their chances of winning a voter referendum in June and want to block any changes.


"This creates tremendous confusion for the voters," said Ald. Michele Smith (43rd Ward).

"We are asking our colleagues to vote against the suspension of the rules which would set a dangerous precedent and policy for future votes like this," said Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward).

Those who favor allowing a new version of the proposed ward map to be considered by voters said it's a simple matter of fairness.

"We had Change Illinois involved every step of the way and some of the other reform groups that are advocating for a more open process. They were partners with us and they were largely shut out of the other process," said Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd Ward).

A competing map drawn by a coalition led by the Black Caucus ultimately may be decided by voters on June 28 primary election.