Chicago Auto Show: Take a look at this year's cutting-edge concept cars

The Chicago Auto Show opens this weekend, and one of the biggest draws is always a look into the future of cars.

The auto industry is at a major crossroads right now. In fact, Chrysler and Dodge are calling this model year "Last Call" for some of their beloved models which will be gas-powered for the final time.

That may be bittersweet news for some purists but take a look at what the future looks like in the electric vehicle space. You're looking at the RAM Revolution 1500 Concept Truck, which just debuted weeks ago at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is the first time it will be on public display at an auto show.

It's a "Dedicated BEV" which means it's a battery-operated electric vehicle with tons of technology packed inside. It has a massive "frunk" — or front trunk — where an engine might normally be. You can have the tailgate closed and still stores items up to 18-feet long.


Another concept car on display: the Chrysler Airflow Granite Concept, which is this compact utility vehicle with 80 inches of screens — five of them on the instrument panel that all talk to one another. Just imagine full, multi-person conference calls out of your car.

"Instead of having one screen and another screen that don't talk to each other, we're able to cross screens from pillar to pillar and from front to rear," said Zach Whitaker, Chrysler’s Chief Interior Designer.

"It's displaying all the technology that Chrysler's going to be using in its future vehicles," said Matt Huber, Vice President of Chrysler.

Believe it or not, just blink, and before you know it these kinds of features will be the new normal.

Chrysler for example has set the ambitious goal of having its entire fleet be battery-operated electric vehicles by the year 2028.

The Chicago Auto Show opens Saturday at McCormick Place.